Vodka Cocktails at Trailhead Spirits

You’ve probably heard that Trailhead Spirits on Montana Avenue is open for business, but have you had a change to go by? It’s definitely worth a trip! They’ve released their locally distilled vodka (gin and whiskey coming soon), and feature a menu with a handful of cocktail selections. It’s important to note, that as a tasting room, they’re only open until 8 pm and patrons are limited to two drinks.














Moscow MuleThe first cocktail that I enjoyed was the Moscow Mule, which was served in the coolest copper mug! Made with vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, a mint sprig, the drink is super refreshing, and really easy to drink.










White RussianI also tried the White Russian – a standby comfort drink in my mind, and Trailhead Spirit’s didn’t disappoint. It was mellow, soothing and delicious.










My hubby started with the martini, which the menu described as being made with olive brine – and wow, was it olivey! His second drink was the Bloody Mary, which he enjoyed more – probably because it was nice and spicy!

Even if you’re not a vodka aficionado, you’ll still enjoy Trailhead Spirits – the menu, though simple, offers something for everyone, and the atmosphere is unmatched. Enjoy!

Heading home for the Holiday with Fabulous Food

I’m heading home to Livingston this afternoon, and I always try to take some type of holiday treat to share — here’s what I’m thinking this year…

Chalet Market is a local gem, and they offer great products that are pre-packaged to withstand travel or shipping! Not only are their products locally made, they’re high quality, unique and really, really good.













Here are a couple samples of gift packs that they offer. Pictured are the Office Party Pack, full of meats and cheeses, and the Flapjack Morning box, full of huckleberry treats.

Bakery treats are always a hit around the holidays, so hit up your local bakery for some yummy treats. Great Harvest Bakery is just a few blocks from my house, so it’s my usual stop this time of year.













Great Harvest offers a variety of great baked goods from breads and dinner rolls, pies and even pastries. Keep in mind that some items need to be pre-ordered. I picked up some cinnamon rolls to take to the office as a special treat. They’re wonderful – I selected the berry cinnamon rolls, which are full of blueberries and raspberries and topped with ultra creamy cream cheese frosting.













Whatever you choose, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday!

Sweet tooth? Try Velvet Cravings!

Have you had a chance to check out the new cupcake shop in Downtown Billings yet? I had walked or driven by Velvet Cravings (located at 225 North Broadway) dozens of times, but hadn’t ventured in to check out their cupcakes until today. I had an afternoon meeting with some volunteers, so it was the perfect opportunity to splurge on a special treat – it is December, after all! I asked for a variety, and was thrilled with the options — here’s what I got… aren’t they beautiful!?!

The cupcake flavors range from traditional chocolate and white to maple bacon (top left in the picture) to Root Beer or Huck Finn (huckleberry, of course!). Antonia, the baker/owner, told me that she’s always transitioning flavors based on the season. That means that you could go in often, and always find something new to try!

One of the seasonal flavors featured when I went in was the pomegranate, which were lovely pomegranate white chocolate cake with white wine buttercream, topped with actual pomegranate kernels (is that what you call a piece of pomegranate?) that provided wonderful, surprising pops of flavor.

Velvet Cravings doesn’t just do cupcakes though, you can get any cupcake flavor in a full-sized cake (see their website for more info:, and they also have beautiful trays of holiday cookies – just in case you’re looking for a special treat to send someone… or to take home and eat yourself!

Speaking of the holidays, Velvet Cravings will be celebrating their Grand Opening Friday, December 7 during the Christmas Stroll – stop by anytime between 11am and 9pm for samples, drinks and prizes!

Oh, and if you’re wondering, they’re true to their name — the cupcakes are definitely velvety. And I’m certainly craving more. Enjoy!

Weekend out in Downtown Billings

There are so many, awesome, local restaurants in downtown Billings that you could go for days without eating at the same place twice. This weekend, though, we enjoyed a couple great places that are definitely worth noting.

Friday dinner at Walker’s

Walker’s has both a bar in the front where you can order off their tapas menu, and a fine-dining section. I’d recommend calling ahead for reservations if you’re planning your evening around dinner in the restaurant. We went on a double-date with a couple fiends, and it was a really nice atmosphere for a great evening. The service is always stellar, the décor is an inviting western/modern fusion, and the food doesn’t disappoint. I enjoyed the Shrimp Risotto, with its creamy texture and enormous shrimp. They also have great daily specials on their menu, so don’t make up your mind before you hear about them – hubby had the pasta special and our friend enjoyed a swordfish special.


















Saturday lunch at Uberbrew

Uberbrew is a new addition to Downtown Billings in the last year, and is located on Montana Avenue across from the Depot. They have a great selection of microbrews that rotate, but I’ve been impressed with their pub menu as well. We were with our friends again, so the four of us shared appetizers of Buffalo wings, which are smoked and have excellent flavor, and cheese nuggets served with a spicy mustard dipping sauce. This day I tried the Cheese Crispy, which is a grilled cheese sandwich, coated in panko bread crumbs and fried. Wow – is it cheesy and decadent! Their Whiskey Burger is also worth mention too – their whiskey sauce is excellent!























We really enjoyed our weekend out on the town – the only thing that would have added to it would have been a breakfast at Stella’s or McCormick Café – or even brunch at Lilac! Happy dining!